Sieving machines for flour and loose products

WILMEX sieving machine for flour and loose products perfectly purifies flour and other loose products of any contaminants and transports them into a bowl or any other device, up to the height of 5m.

Hard dough kneaders

WILMEX hard dough kneaders are perfect for the production of gingerbread, dumplings, salty sticks, pretzels, macaroni, pizza, matzo, pumpernickel, etc.

Spiral mixers

Universal, for all kinds of dough. Perfect for bakeries and confectioneries of various production volumes and for other food companies, for the production of dumplings, pizza, etc... Spiral mixers help to aerate the dough and improve the quality of the pastries.

Durable and reliable machines
for dough production


Hard dough kneaders with hydraulic tilting of the bowl

Machinery maintenance and repair

We produce the components of machines for bakeries and confectioneries, basing on the provided designs or documentations. Apart from that, we perform the repairs of mechanical elements, drive gears and complete repairs of the whole machines. All works are performed in our facility in Gdańsk, Poland.

Design office

  • machines and equipment designing, in accordance with the clients’ order
  • designing of mechanical and electrical elements and automation systems
  • designing of technological processes
  • development of technical documentation
  • designing and production of equipment prototypes

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